Collection: Top Gard Caps

Tired of unsightly bollard caps? Switch to Top Gard for a polished and professional look. These caps are made from a proprietary 5000 psi concrete embedded with micro-fibers for extra strength. With 90% labor savings and no punch list, Top Gard is the low-cost solution for retrofitting existing bollards and fixing any mistakes.

Save Time & Money with Top Gard Concrete Caps.

Top Gard Inc. was formed early in 2012 by Bob Cameron. The idea of a concrete pipe bollard cap arose from a contractor’s frustration with the time and labor it was taking to finish the bollards, and on top of that, they looked unprofessional. With Bob’s background and experience in the concrete industry, he soon had a prototype, and Top Gard was launched. The product has been top-rated, and sales continue to grow as more contractors and architects learn about the product and its money-saving benefits.

TopGard Cap Install

Top Gard is a product made by contractors for contractors.

Top Gard caps provide a low-cost alternative to traditional bollard hand-finishing.  They provide a class A form finish in a fraction of the time it takes to finish a bollard by hand.  With as much as 90% labor savings and no punch list needed.

  • Proprietary 5000 psi concrete reinforced with micro fibers
  • Available in 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ sizes
  • Patent pending wet-set design
  • Up to 90% labor savings
  • Install in as little as 10 seconds
  • No finisher needed
  • Ready for paint
  • Can also be retrofitted to existing bollards

How To Install Top Gard Bollard Caps