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Bollard Covers save time and money.

The Bollard Shop offer six colors in dimension of 4.5" and 7". We stock the popular height of 52" and 60" tall.

  • Quick and easy installation that ensures a secure fit
  • Includes 2 strips of installation foam
  • No tools or adhesives required for installation
  • Protects both vehicles and structures from expensive damage

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The Bollard Shop

Dome Top Bollard Cover

Dome Top Bollard Cover

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The Bollard Shop offers bollard covers in 4" and 7" diameters. Available in yellow, red, blue, grey, brown, and black. Our covers refresh the look of old bollards while providing protection to the vehicles in case of a collision. The installation process is simple, with a secure fit and without tools or additives.


Bollard Diameter Measures Cover Needed
4.5" or less 4.5" Dome Top Cover
Greater than 4.5" Less than 7" 7"   Dome Top Cover
Greater than 7" Less than 8 -7/8" 8-7/8"   Dome Top Cover
Greater than 8-7/8" Less than 10-7/8" 10-7/8"   Dome Top Cover
Greater than 10-7/8" Less than 13" 13"   Dome Top Cover


•Quick and Easy to Install

•No tools required

•2 strips of installation foam

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