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U-Fill Embedded Bollard System

U-Fill Embedded Bollard System

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Embedded U-Fill Bollards are the ideal solution for protecting your structures and  equipment from vehicular damage. Crafted from heavy-duty American-made steel, this bollard provides an extra layer of security for your business or equipment. The U-Fill Embedded bollards are easily set into place, filled and then capped with the provided Top Gard Bollard Cap.  The bollards are painted with Safety Yellow DTM paint and the Top Gard Bollard Cap is painted black for visibility.  Once set and capped, simply wipe the bollard down and it is finished!

3.5" Mounting Plate

  • .375" Steel Plate
  • 6 x 6" Plate
  • (4) .625" Holes
  • .5" Steel Plate
  • 10"x10"
  • (4) .625" Holes

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